Thursday, 22 March 2012

wildlife photography

Wildlife photography is devoted to capturing interesting animals in action, such as eating, fighting, or in flight. Although usually shot in the wild, game farms are also a frequent location for wildlife photography.
The techniques of wildlife photography differ greatly from those used in landscape photography. For example, in wildlife photography wide apertures are used to achieve a fast shutter speed, freeze the subject's motion, and blur the backgrounds, while landscape photographers prefer small apertures. Wildlife is also usually shot with long telephoto lenses from a great distance; the use of such telephoto lenses frequently necessitates the use of a tripod (since the longer the lens, the harder it is to handhold). Many wildlife photographers use blinds [1] or camouflage.
I personally believe that the ethics behind wildlife or nature photography is its conservation.
I believe that by clicking the nature in its utmost beauty,the various nature photographers want to present before the world the irresistible call of the wild and through this they want to promote the conservation of wildlife and nature.For all i know,i work towards this purpose and i want as many of you as possible to join me.

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